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Pre-Mixes Available

NSentinel 4 perennial mix:

A perennial mix combining the benefits of New Zealand’s top selling perennial ryegrass and top selling white clover, along with the environmental benefits of Ecotain.

  • 18 kg ONE50 perennial ryegrass with AR37
  • 4 kg Ecotain
  • 3 kg Tribute Superstrike
NSentinel 4 Italian mix:

This mix is formulated to provide a balanced sward across a number of situations. It will maximise the environmental benefits of Ecotain, and combine that with a quality diploid Italian with the protection of the AR37 endophyte.

  • 18 kg Asset Italian ryegrass with AR37
  • 7 kg Ecotain

NSentinel 4 & Ecotain

Nitrogen management with the power of 4.