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Getting Ecotain™ growing

Basics of establishment
  • Ecotain can be sown in either spring or autumn, when soil temperatures are above 10oC - 12oC
  • Best established by sowing into a cultivated seedbed or direct-drilling seed into a herbicide-treated pasture.
  • Broadcasting seed is the simplest and cheapest technique of sowing, but reduces the total number of plants that establish.
  • DairyNZ research indicates that the increased cost of direct drilling, compared to broadcasting (approximately $240/ha), is more than compensated for by the increased first year yield (2.2 t DM/ha).
  • Plan establishment with your local rep to get premium growth. 
At what seed rate?
  • 12 kg/ha for a pure sward or 12 kg/ha Ecotain/4 kg/ha clover mix (if clover is to be added) or 2 - 6 kg/ha in an oversowing/diverse mix.

NSentinel 4 & Ecotain

Nitrogen management with the power of 4.