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NSentinel 4 is a N management system that combines not one, but four modes of action. Ecotain is an environmental plantain and the key product in the NSentinel 4 system, reducing N leaching from the urine patch, naturally and now.

How it works

Ecotain environmental plantain increases the volume of urine animals produce from a similar amount of N ingested. This means the N being excreted is in a more dilute form, resulting in a reduced N load in the urine patch.

Ecotain reduces the amount of dietary N which is excreted in urine, compared with ryegrass. This reduces the amount of N released into the soil via the urine patch.

In urine patches from animals grazing Ecotain, the conversion of ammonium to nitrate is delayed. Slower conversion allows plants a greater opportunity to uptake N, significantly reducing the potential for leaching.

The presence of Ecotain plants in the soil reduces nitrate leaching, likely through the effect of a biological nitrification inhibitor.

With the potential to reduce N leaching from the urine patch by up to 89%*, NSentinel 4, and its key product Ecotain environmental plantain, is a gamechanger when it comes to managing N.

*See Restrict

Stacking up the benefits
  1. Huge reduction in N leaching – up to 89% from the urine patch depending on sward blend and conditions (see Science)
  2. Increases feed quality and/or supply during summer and autumn
  3. Improves speed of sward recovery after summer dry
  4. Improves cool season activity of pasture base
  5. An ideal source of minerals for animal health and performance.

NSentinel 4 & Ecotain

Nitrogen management with the power of 4.