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Ecotain - Reduce

N partitioning (Reduction)

Experiments suggest that at equal N intake, Ecotain diets may reduce the total N in urine compared to ryegrass diets, although the size of this effect could be small.

Less N in urine
  • Indoor feeding experiments found that less total N was excreted in urine from dairy heifers offered Ecotain compared to those on ryegrass diets, despite a similar N intake.
Change in rumen function
  • In incubation experiments mimicking rumen fermentation, Ecotain, with natural concentrations of secondary plant compounds, produced 40% less ammonia (NH3) than chicory over 24 hours.
  • It was likely this was a combination of an increased energy source for microbial protein production, and an anti-microbial effect on certain types of rumen bacteria. Reducing the concentration of NH3 in the rumen is desirable because it reduces N loss to the environment through urine.

NSentinel 4 & Ecotain

Nitrogen management with the power of 4.